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Are you in need of a fast and reliable washer repair service that is affordable?  ASAP Appliance Repair Service is the solution to your problem.  Firstly washers are a highly tuned piece of machinery that should only be serviced by highly trained technicians. Secondly we understand washing machines are one on the most important appliances in our home.  Subsequently washers take a lot of abuse on a daily basis.  In result of running washers so like they are work horses they are more likely to need repaired.  Therefore when our washer stops working it interrupts our everyday lives.  Consequently overloading and improper use of our washer can easily shorten it’s lifespan by years.  Above all knowing the symptoms of a washer that may be developing problems is key to limiting washer repair.  In other words if something seems abnormal about your washer be sure to call for service before damaging additional components.  Here are some of the common signs that your washer may need to be serviced.


You Just Can’t Win if the Washer Won’t Spin

Firstly this is one of the more common issues with washers.  Further more newer model washers are prone to this problem.  That is a result of most washers are now build with a suspended drum system.  Therefore unbalanced loads happen more often than ever before.  On the other hand it’s not always an off balance issue that will cause your clothes not to spin out all the water.  For example if a washer is draining too slow the unit will not advance to the spin cycle.  Similarly if a washer overfills then the washer may not drain in the allotted time and again may not advance to spin.  In conclusion there are several factors to determining why your washer may be having issues spinning the clothes dry.  However ASAP Appliance Repair Service has the knowledge and experience to solve any issue on every make or model washer in your home.

Kid’s Will Play So the Lid Locks Will Stay

As a result of manufactures not only making more washers more energy efficient.  Washing machines now have more safety features like lid locking systems.  Although this safety feature has become common to avoid homeowners from injury.  On the other hand it can be irritating for homeowners to try to add or remove items before the cycle is completed.  Firstly most washers are programmed to test lid lock before allowing cycle to start.  In other words you will most likely not be able to start your load if the lid lock is malfunctioning.  Secondly if a washer will not drain all the water out then a lot of times the lid will stay locked.  Therefore you may need to try and unplug the washer for 5 minutes and try to reset the washer to get your clothes out.  Lastly since washer lid locks are an electrical component it is common for lock to fail due to exposure to moisture.  Certainly most lid locks are strategically placed away from water inlet.  But inevitably moisture can and will cause the lid lock to fail.

Holey Moley the Washer’s Filling Slowly 

Typically one of the first repairs most customers have on their washer is replacing the water valve.  As a result of hard water deposits in the water every washer eventually needs the water inlet valve replaced.  For example if your washer is taking a long time to fill the water valve is probably congested and needs to be replaced.  In the same vein if your washer has a slow drip from the water inlet valve it will need to be serviced.  Further more most newer washers will recognize when the machine is not filling fast enough and may give an error code for a failing water inlet valve.  For instance Whirlpool washers would display and F20 error code when the water valve has gone bad.  However the code for Whirlpool inlet valve error codes has changed on most newer models.  Subsequently every manufacture has their own set of error codes for slow filling washers.  Therefore it is recommended to call a professional to service these washers as opposed to guessing what the problem may be.  Most importantly ASAP Appliance Repair can help with any of these makes and models of washing machines.

A Washer That Won’t Drain Can Be a Big Pain

Similarly to all other symptoms discussed previously.  Washers that won’t drain can be a result of several different components failing.  That is to say you shouldn’t attempt to repair these components on your own.  But let’s discuss the possibilities of what could be wrong.  Firstly drain systems on washers have evolved through the years.  Manufactures are constantly changing the drain pumps on their washers.  For example 15 plus years ago almost all washers used a mechanical pump.  Certainly these pumps are very dependable.  Therefore when replacing these pumps in the past it was usually a cause of a slow leak.  On the other hand most newer washers now have electrical drain pumps.  These drain pumps rarely leak and most of them have a filter you can clean to keep obstructions from stalling them out.  On the other hand their lifespan is much shorter.  As a result these pumps are more likely to need replaced.  Further a washer not drain maybe a result of a control failure or possible a timer.  These components require more advanced diagnosing and should only be serviced by a trained technician.  In conclusion There are so many factors that go into determining why a washer isn’t draining.  Therefore homeowners should not attempt to diagnose theses issues on their own.

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ASAP Appliance Repair Service is backed by a 30 Day Warranty on ALL Diagnostics and 100 Day Warranty on Parts and Labor. Sealed System Warranty 1 Year Parts and 100 Days Labor (no warranty on refrigerant leaks). We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. Call to schedule your Service Appointment today!

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Not Sure What To Think Because the Washer’s Beginning to Stink

Unfortunately odor is a big problem when it comes to washing machines.  After all your washers job is to extract dirt and odor from you clothes and linens.  For this reason you have to prevent germs and bacteria from building up in the washing machines tub.  There are a lot of home a lot of home remedies to help resolve problems with odor in your washer.  Then there are store bought products as well.  Although if you haven’t ran a washing machine cleaner regularly combating the odor may prove to be difficult.  In any event we have provided recommendations below for cleaning your washer no matter what style machine you own.  In addition here’s a link to homemade washing machine cleaners.

You Can Rejoice, ASAP Appliance is the Right Choice

ASAP Appliance Repair Service is a family owned and operated company.  With over 18 yrs of experience repairing residential washing machines.  Boasting a 5 Star rating on Google, BBB, Facebook and Yelp.  We are fully licensed and insured and hold an A rating with the BBB.  Offering several discounts and coupons on washer repair service.  Including senior discount and military discount.  Other discounts include $50 off any repair over $80.  Check out current offers for more discounts available.

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We offer a 1 year warranty on all Parts and Labor. Some exclusions apply.

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Make your repair choice with confidence! Our diagnostics are backed by a 30 day warranty, guaranteed.


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