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Looking for a fast and reliable refrigerator repair service.  When a refrigerator or freezer stops working it can be a headache.  Unfortunately it may also be an unexpected expense to your budget.  Replacing or repairing a residential refrigerator or freezer can be costly on its own.  Most importantly throwing your food away is extremely disheartening.  Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in our homes.  Living without a refrigerator for even a couple days can interrupt your daily life.  Ignoring the symptoms of that your refrigerator might end up costing you more money in the long term.  Fortunately for our customers ASAP Appliance Repair is here to get your refrigerator back up and running quickly.


Recognize the Signs When it’s Time for Refrigerator Repair

Recognizing the signs that your refrigerator may be developing a problem will save you time and money.  Neglecting to call for refrigerator repair service when symptoms first occur may damage other components.  As a result this will increase the cost of repair to your refrigerator.  In addition to that your food items are more likely to spoil and need thrown away.  In addition to having cooling and freezing issues refrigerators may leak water, stop making ice or develop ice and frost in places it shouldn’t.  Ultimately ignoring any of these problems may not only damage the refrigerator but also cause damage to your home.  With this in mind ASAP Appliance Repair Service recommend having your refrigerator immediately.

Changing Temp Settings Won’t Make you a Hero if Your Freezer Won’t Reach Zero

Firstly check the temperature settings of your refrigerator.  To start with recommended temperatures are 0 degrees for the freezer and 38 degrees for the fresh food section.  Otherwise if you don’t have a digital display for your settings.  Then setting the dial at the mid way point on both sections is recommended.  In order to get an accurate temperature reading in your freezer or fresh food section you will need a thermometer.  In regards to the fresh food section simply put a the probe end of your thermometer into a glass of water.  After that leave the glass of water on top shelf for an hour then check to see if you are reading around 38 degrees.  On the other hand you can check freezer temperature by placing thermometer in the middle of freezer section.  Again allow an hour for temperature to equalize.  In this case the freezer should read around 0 degrees.  For the most part if you refrigerator temperature is off you will more than likely need service.  Therefore if you are adjusting the settings lower than recommended you more than likely need to call for refrigerator repair.

Frost and Moisture Build Up Got you Fed Up

If there are signs of condensation or unusual frost build up then you are definitely in need of service to your refrigerator.  For example you may have condensation forming at the top of your fresh food section of your refrigerator.  Further more you may have frost build up in the freezer.  In result of there being so may makes and models of refrigerators this could be a symptom of a variety of problems.  However ASAP Appliance Repair has the knowledge and experience to solve the issues on any make or model of refrigerator.

Refrigerator Feel Hot, Well it Should Not

Above all if there are signs of excessive heat on the sides, top or between the freezer and fresh food section divider.  Then it is crucial to call for service immediately.  As a result ignoring a refrigerator that is running hot may cause permanent damage to the refrigerator compressor.  In other words if you have a refrigerator running hot you need to call for refrigerator repair service ASAP.

ASAP Appliance Repair has you covered!

ASAP Appliance Repair Service is backed by a 30 Day Warranty on ALL Diagnostics and 100 Day Warranty on Parts and Labor. Sealed System Warranty 1 Year Parts and 100 Days Labor (no warranty on refrigerant leaks). We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. Call to schedule your Service Appointment today!

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Don’t Despair if Your Noisy Refrigerator Needs Repair

Finally abnormal noises from you refrigerator is a definitely a common issue.  Similarly to other common problems with refrigerators.  Unusual noises from a refrigerator can potentially be caused by various components.  In result of newer refrigerators having so many more components than in the past.  The days of a homeowner easily pin pointing where unusual noise may be coming from is nearly impossible.  In other words don’t attempt to repair your own refrigerator.  That is to say unless you want to buy refrigerator parts on a guess, hope and a whim.

Don’t Be a Risk Taker, Repair That Busted Ice Maker

Similarly to ignoring a refrigerator that is not freezing or cooling properly.  Ignoring the signs of an icemaker that may be going out can cost you more money in the long term.  Consequently waiting to service an ice maker that is on the fritz may result in needing to replace additional components.  For example if the icemaker doesn’t seem to be filling with water.  Then the ice maker should be turned off.  Firstly failing to turn the ice maker off may cause the heater to damage the cube molding tray of the ice maker.  Secondly the fuse in the ice maker may blow due to over heat in the tray.  In addition to that if the ice maker isn’t filling the fill tube may be frozen.  As a result of the fill tube being frozen the water line may cause a leaking issue.  Again you can reference our refrigerator maintenance section below to help resolve the issue on your own.

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Same Day Service

ASAP Appliance Repair offers Same Day service in most areas. Some areas may require an additional fee for long distances. Ask your technician if your area requires a fee.

Parts & Labor Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on all Parts and Labor. Some exclusions apply.

Diagnostics Warranty

Make your repair choice with confidence! Our diagnostics are backed by a 30 day warranty, guaranteed.


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