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Similarly to built in ovens our residential ranges are typically used no more than a few hours per day.  In fact we can go without using our cooktop or oven on our range for days at a time.  With this in mind ranges are a fairly dependable appliance.  Provided that your range is being used and cared for properly.  Unfortunately when a gas range or and electric range stops working it is unexpected.  Coincidentally it always seems as if our oven or cooktop has a problem at the most inconvenient of times.  Like while you are hosting a dinner party or just before a big holiday.  In any event whether you need gas range repair service or electric range repair service.  ASAP Appliance Repair Service can get your range back in working order quickly.  Regardless of the brand name, we can help.  But most importantly ASAP Appliance Repair Service believes in educating homeowners on how to prevent needing range repair service.  Therefore allow us to go over some simple recommendations for range use and care to minimize needing range repair service.


Head Getting Hot Cause the Burner’s Are Not

Unfortunately when a burner goes out on an electric range cooktop you will most likely need to call for range repair service.  Although there are a few things to attempt before calling for range repair service.  Firstly you can try to reset the circuit breaker.  Be sure to turn the circuit breaker off then back on whether it has tripped or not.  For instance if all the burners and the oven suddenly stop heating.  Then it is likely the circuit breaker has tripped and resetting the breaker may solve the issue.  But if its just one single burner that is not operating.  Then it is unlikely resetting the breaker will help resolve the issue.  Obviously if resetting the circuit doesn’t do the trick then give us a call to schedule an appoint for range repair service.

Knowing Where to Start if a Gas Burner Won’t Spark

In the long run cooktops on a gas range are less problematic than electric ranges.  With that being said if the burners on your gas range won’t lite there may be a simple solution to the problem.  Of coarse if your burner doesn’t seem to be sparking then you will definitely want to check the power source.  Similar to an electric range you will want to reset the circuit breaker first.  Of coarse there is always the possibility the gas range may have came unplugged some how.  Now this is unlikely but you will definitely want to check to be sure.  Being that the gas range may be close to the kitchen sink there is the chance the receptacle may be GFI protected.  With this in mind you may need to check the other receptacles in the kitchen.  Notably the gas range may have lost power due to one of the other GFI receptacles in the kitchen tripping and needs to be rest.  One quick way to check to see if the issue is being caused by loss of power is to simply plug in another small appliance to the range receptacle.  For example plug in a small fan or phone charger to verify the outlet has power.  Furthermore if there is power to the range then you will need to give us a call to schedule range repair service.

What to Know When Your Oven Heats Slowly

Regardless if your range has a gas oven or an electric oven it is difficult to prepare your meal without the oven heating properly.  Generally speaking electric ovens have a bake element that can be seen without any disassembly.  Now if there is an obvious break in the element then it is definitely bad.  But there are times that when the element has blown out, other components such as the control may have failed as a result.  Therefore ASAP Appliance Repair Service never recommends homeowners to replace bake or broil elements on their own.  Consequently when a customer buys their own parts and installs them, they are not able to return these part.  With this in mind only a qualified professional should service residential ranges.  Next most gas ranges use an ignitor to lite the oven.  Specifically the most common oven ignition system consists of a glow bar ignitor.  One thing to keep in mind is just because the ignitor glows doesn’t mean it hasn’t failed.  In fact without testing the amp draw, assuming the ignitor’s operating temperature is correct is simply playing the guessing game.  Again only qualified technicians should service these components.  Rather than throwing parts at your gas range simply call ASAP appliance repair to schedule an appointment for gas range repair service.

Clean, Mean Cooking Machine

Obviously keeping your range repair is very important.  Of coarse keeping your range clean will help prevent costly repairs to you gas or electric range.  But what is the best way to go about cleaning the cooktop and oven on your residential range.  First ASAP Appliance always recommends to check you owners manual for approved cleaning product for your particular range.  Generally most cleaning product are safe to use on your range’s cooktop and oven.  Hence they are specifically made to be used on either a glass cooktop or self cleaning oven.  Beings there are so many different makes and model of ranges you will want to be sure you don’t use the wrong cleaning product on your range.  For example you should never use standard oven cleaner on a self clean oven.  Applying this type of oven cleaner to the cavity of a self clean oven may permanently damage the oven.  Also NEVER spray oven cleaner in the oven then run a self clean cycle.  Now when it comes to glass cooktops there are several products on the market.  With this in mind there may be some trail and error when it comes to finding the cleaner that gives you the best results.  One thing that is for sure is that if you do not clean the glass top regularly then it may begin to wear quicker than expected.

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Firstly ASAP appliance Repair Service is a local family owned and operated company.  Also we offer gas range repair service and electric range repair service in the entire St.Louis, St.Charles, Warren & Lincoln County areas.  Then there is our undeniable reputation for providing top notch service at a reasonable price.  Simply check out our reviews & rating on Google, Facebook, Yelp & BBB.  Additionally we are fully licensed and insured.  Therefore customers have piece of mind when using our range repair services.  Furthermore we help customers save money on range repair by offering several coupons and discounts on range repair service.  Follow the link provided to see out current offers.  There you will find printable coupons and discounts to help save money on range repair services.  Finally if you don’t have time to make a phone call customers can simply request service on our website.  Just fill out a contact form and one of our professional dispatchers will contact you at a time that is convenient for you.

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