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Even though our ovens aren’t in operation more than a couple of hours on average each day.  These appliance can still have their fair share of problems.  Regardless of how often you bake you eventually an oven repair service.  After all ovens operate on high voltage and combustible gases.  For this reason ovens are very complex and require a trained technician for repair when they won’t operate properly.  On the positive side ASAP Appliance Repair Service repairs any make or model of residential oven.  Further we also repair any cooking product you may have in your kitchen.  For example ASAP Appliance Repair services ranges, cooktops, hood vents, down drafts and slide in ranges.


Cost of Oven Repair Service Make you Nervious?

Let’s face it when a homeowner is choosing a oven repair service company cost is always a factor.  Although some high end brands like Viking ovens and Dacor ovens can definately be expensive to repair.  It’s important you don’t overpay for your oven repair service.  Of coarse parts cost tend to be higher for these brands of ovens.  But ASAP Appliance Repair Service doesn’t charge you more for your oven repair just because of an brand name.  Our labor rates are fairly priced for all of our customers no matter the brand name of your oven.  Unfortunately there are alot of appliance service companies who will take advantage of the customer just because of the name on the oven.  The proof is in the pudding just check out our reviews to see what other customers have said about our service.  Then you will know ASAP Appliance Repair is the right choice for you.

Rest at Ease, ASAP Appliance is the Bee’s Knee’s

Firstly ASAP Appliance Repair Service is family owned and operated company.  We not only offer service in the entire St.Louis County area. But also cover all surrounding areas including Warren, St.Charles and Lincoln counties.  Second is our outstanding reputation.  Just take a moment to check our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp &  BBB.  In addition to that we are fully licensed and insured.   Therefore our customers have piece of mind when using our oven repair service.  Moreover you can save money on our appliance repair services with the great discounts and coupons we offer.  Simply visit our website and click on the current offers tab.  There you can easily request service by filling out a contact form.  After that one of our professional appliance dispatchers will contact you quickly with more details to help book your appointment.

Oven Trouble on the Double

In general ovens are fairly reliable.  As discussed previously we typically only run our oven on average a couple hours per day.  But again these appliances use high voltages and combustible gases to operate.  Nevertheless if used properly we can limit oven repairs.  Ultimately saving us time, money and the headache of dealing with a busted oven.

Aluminum Foil Will Create Turmoil

Occasionally our ovens will need to be cleaned.  After all if you bake a lot you oven is going to get a bit messy.  With this in mind we should do our best to prevent the oven from to keep the oven cavity clean.  Frequently we find home owners lining their oven with a protective cover of sorts to prevent the bottom from getting too dirty.  Unfortunately choosing the wrong liner can cause some problems.  Firstly NEVER line the oven cavity with aluminum foil.  Consequently the aluminum foil will permanently damage the oven cavity.  At the same time using aluminum liner pans is also prohibited.  Notably with electric oven these aluminum pans will cause the bake elements to fail more often.  ASAP Appliance Repair Service recommends to only use a high temperature teflon oven liner.  Although you must be sure of a few things when using these liners in gas ovens.  Specifically you must be sure the liner isn’t blocking the ventilation slots of the oven liner pan.  In other words you need to cut the liner to fit the bottom of oven accordingly.  Consequently blocking these slots will block the heat from the oven cavity.

ASAP Appliance Repair has you covered!

ASAP Appliance Repair Service is backed by a 30 Day Warranty on ALL Diagnostics and 100 Day Warranty on Parts and Labor. Sealed System Warranty 1 Year Parts and 100 Days Labor (no warranty on refrigerant leaks). We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. Call to schedule your Service Appointment today!

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Surprised to Know Self Clean is a No Go?

ASAP Appliance Repair Service recommends to simply use some good old fashion elbow grease when cleaning your oven.  Granted you may a have self clean cycle on your oven.  Consequently your oven reaches extremely high temps when using this cycle.  Therefore the components are put under a lot of stress and may fail due to high energy draw during self clean.  In other words avoid the self clean option unless you want to pay for a costly repair.  However some customers love their self clean and after all you have this feature because it is convenient.  For this reason a lot of customers insist on using this feature.  Under those circumstances we offer some advise.  First be sure to remove all racks from oven.  Further if you have a protective liner in the oven liner be sure to remove it as well.  Otherwise you will want to open some windows and turn on some fans including the ventilation fan in you kitchen.  Finally hope and pray that the oven doesn’t break when running this cycle.  If it malfunctions just give ASAP Appliance Repair a call so we can help solve the problem you developed by running this cycle.

Repairs Decrease with Some Elbow Grease

To start always check your owners manual for approved cleaning product for your model oven.  In general most oven cleaning products are safe for most ovens.  Hence why they are made specifically for cleaning your oven.  However if you have a self clean or continuous cleaning oven you cant use you traditional oven cleaner.  Make sure you check the label on the product before applying it to the oven cavity.  Also you should never spray a cleaning product in the oven and then run the cleaning cycle.  Specifically in when referring to continuous clean ovens you should never use cleaning products.  In fact applying a cleaner to this type of oven will permanently damage the oven cavity.  In other words you do not have to clean these ovens at all.  Hence the phrase continuous cleaning oven.  Beyond store bought oven cleaners we can make our own oven cleaner at home.


First take 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of white vinegar.  Then mix and add solution to spray bottle. Then Sprinkle baking soda on oven surface.  After that spray solution onto oven surface.  Let sit for 20 minutes then wipe clean. Here’s a link to homemade oven cleaners and how well each one works.

Cake Still Gooey Cause the Oven’s Acting Screwy

For the most part when your temperatures are fluctuating there is more than likely a problem with your oven.  Certainly there are a few things we can try to solve these issues before calling for service.  First check you owners manual to see if there is an option to calibrate the oven.  However not all ovens will have this feature.  With that being said you will most likely need service if your oven doesn’t allow for calibration.  In either case homeowners generally attempt to monitor temperature before calling for oven repair.  However simply throwing a thermometer in the oven will not really help your cause much.  That is to say ovens have a specific way to preheat and maintaining heat during your baking cycle.  In light of that you can only truly check the average temperature by calculating mathematically.  However this may be getting more in depth than most homeowners may want.  Nevertheless we shall proceed.

Oven Temperature Off Dramatcally, Lets Find Out Mathmatically

To start with you will need some sort of electronic temperature probe.  Naturally most decent multimeters have a temperature probe attachment for accurate temperature readings.  Next attach the probe directly to rack in center of oven cavity.  Then set the oven temperature to bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Now you will need to allow oven to preheat.  In general this will be a big spike in temps.  Ordinarily the temperature will reach about 400 degrees before cycling off.  Meanwhile make a note of the temp when it cycles off.  After that the unit may cycle off for approximately 1.5 – 2 minutes.  As soon as the oven cycles back on be sure to note the temperature.  Henceforth allow the oven to cycle heat off/on a total of 3 times.  Once you have noted the temperature for a total of 3 cycles you can add all these numbers together.  Now we can divide that by the 6 total cycles.


For example, the oven cycled off initially at 405 degrees.  Then didn’t cycle back on until it fell to 335 degrees.  Next it cycled off at 380 degrees.  From there the off cycled back on at 342 degrees.  Now the unit doesn’t cycle back on till 368 degrees. Finally it cycled back on at 347 degrees.  Therefore (405+335+380+342+368+347)/6=363 degrees.  Therefore the average temperature is 13 degrees too high.  In other words we either need to calibrate your oven or there may be a faulty component causing this issue.

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