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Is your dishwasher simply no longer getting the done?  Therefore you are stuck washing dishes by hand every night.  Of coarse you can always push the dishes off on the kids.  But let’s face it life is easier just loading the dishwasher and hitting the start button.  Furthermore most of us live too busy of a life to cook the family dinner every night.  Then clean the dishes and still have some down time in the evening.  For this reason ASAP Appliance Repair Service offers dishwasher repair service 6 days per week.  In order to get your dishwasher back up and running ASAP.


Know What to DO When the Dishwasher Leaves Residue

Although you are pre rinsing your dishes you may still be experiencing some residue being left on dishes.  In fact this is a common complaint from homeowners.  However the may be a few simple solutions to this problem your are having with your dishwasher.  First check the rinse aid dispenser to see if it may need refilled.  Usually there is a removable cap on the detergent dispenser.  Now there are many different types of dispensers on various makes and models.  So you may check your owners manual for instructions on how to fill your rinse aid reservoir.  Another thing to check is the setting for how much rinse aid is being dispensed per cycle.  Again every model is different so be sure to check dishwasher owners manual for instructions to adjust rinse aid setting.  Obviously if you have tried this simple solution and still have residue on your dishes we may have other solutions to this problem.  Check out our section below on dishwasher maintenance to learn more and help prevent needing dishwasher repair service.

Head About to Steam Cause the Dishwasher Won’t Clean

Eventually every dishwasher will start to lack in the cleaning department.  But how do we prevent this and what are some easy solutions to this problem?  Notably modern day dishwashers are made to be much more energy efficient.  In fact they use much less water than in the past.  As a result a problem with the water level will significantly decrease the performance of your dishwasher.  Unfortunately if you are getting little to no water in your dishwasher you most likely need dishwasher repair service.  Although you could get extremely lucky and fix this problem on your own.  Obviously you will want to check that the water supply valve hasn’t been turned off for some reason.  Now this is unlikely but hey might as well be sure it wasn’t shut off for some reason.  Lastly most dishwashers have a water level float switch in case of overflow.  Typically this float is in the bottom of the dishwasher tub.  Usually in the front on either the left or right side.  Once you locate the float check to be sure nothing is stopping the float from moving up and down.  For the most part you will need to call and schedule an appointment for dishwasher repair service.

A Dishwasher That Won’t Drain is Kind of a Pain

By all means if your dishwasher won’t drain its dirty water from the pump its probably not going to clean very well.  That is to say if your dishwasher won’t drain you need to find a solution quickly.  With this in mind there are some things you can try before calling for service.  First thing to consider is the filter inside the dishwasher being clogged or blocked.  As discussed previously every make and model is different.  Therefore you may need to refer to the owners manual for location and removal of your dishwasher filter.  Next be sure to run garbage disposal if the dishwasher drains into the disposal.  Failing to run your disposal will result in dishwasher not draining during its cycle.  Lastly there may simply be a clog in the drain hose.  Under these circumstances you can try to remove the clog by running a cleaner through the dishwasher.  In hope that the cleaner will flush the clogged hose for you without any disassembly.  Be sure to check for tips on cleaning your dishwasher in our dishwasher maintenance section below.  Following our recommendations will help prevent needing dishwasher repair service.

Dishes Won’t Dry and you Don’t Know Why

Equally important to your dishwasher cleaning the dishes well so is drying the dishes.  Although there are some things to consider.  As previously mentioned rinse aid will help with residue being left on dishes.  Correspondingly rinse aid also improves dishwasher drying performance.  Again refer to owners manual for instructions on how to fill and set rinse aid levels on your dishwasher.  Another thing to consider is if you are selecting the proper cycle and cycle options.  Keep in mind newer washer are made to be more energy efficient.  In other words not all the cycles are preset for heated dry.  For example most dishwashers have a 1 hour wash cycle.  Unfortunately these cycles don’t activate the dishwasher heater since they are an energy efficient cycle.  With that in mind be sure you select a cycle with heated fry option.

ASAP Appliance Repair has you covered!

ASAP Appliance Repair Service is backed by a 30 Day Warranty on ALL Diagnostics and 100 Day Warranty on Parts and Labor. Sealed System Warranty 1 Year Parts and 100 Days Labor (no warranty on refrigerant leaks). We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. Call to schedule your Service Appointment today!

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About to Freak Because the Dishwasher Has a Leak

First of all if your dishwasher is leaking STOP using it immediately.  Frequently we receive calls that a dishwasher has flooded a homeowners kitchen.  For fear that your dishwasher can cause significant damage to your home.  For this reason you should NEVER run your dishwasher when you are asleep or away from your home.  First there are several reasons a dishwasher may begin to leak.  Obviously things like hose, seals and gaskets can leak.  But one thing most homeowners do not consider is they maybe causing the problem unknowingly.  For example if you make the mistake of putting dish soap in place of dishwashing detergent.  Then you will definitely flood your house and quickly live in regret of that decision.  Another thing to consider is loading the improperly or overloading your dishwasher.  In particular if we load so many dishes that we impede the water flow or obstruct a spray nozzle from rotating.  Then you will most likely get a leak from the of the dishwasher where the tub meets the door.  In any event make sure spray nozzles can spin freely so water can cascade properly.

Our Reputation is Our Motivation

Firstly ASAP Appliance Repair Service is a local family owned and operated company.  We not only service the entire St.Louis County area.  But we also cover all the surrounding areas including St.Charles, Warren & Lincoln County areas.  Secondly is our undeniable reputation.  Just take a moment and check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp & BBB.  In addition to that we are fully licensed and insured.  Therefore our customers have piece of mind when using our dishwasher repair service. Moreover you can save money on all of our appliance repair services.  Simply visit our website and click on the current offers tab.  There you can easily request service by filling out a contact form.  After that one of our professional appliance dispatchers will contact you with details and help book your appointment.

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ASAP Appliance Repair offers Same Day service in most areas. Some areas may require an additional fee for long distances. Ask your technician if your area requires a fee.

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We offer a 1 year warranty on all Parts and Labor. Some exclusions apply.

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Make your repair choice with confidence! Our diagnostics are backed by a 30 day warranty, guaranteed.


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