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Generally speaking residential cooktops are fairly dependable.  In fact both gas and electric cooktops require little to no maintenance.  However when your cooktop stops working properly it can definitely be an inconvenience.  It never seems to fail more times than not, the largest burner is always the one to stop working.  Obviously there are reasons behind this, it cant just be coincidence.  Perhaps it is because the large burner is the one we use most often.  Especially since newer models now have multiple options like using the large burner surface as a smaller burner surface as well.  Often times when a burner stops working homeowners will just start using another burner and wait to call for service.  Unfortunately this may cause stress on the cooktop and lead to needing additional cooktop repair service.  By and large most cooktop repair is caused by misuse or lack of maintenance.  In other words we need to use our cooktop carefully.  Additionally its important to keep the burners clean.  Let’s talk about the different problems you may experience with you gas cooktop or electric cooktop.  But most importantly how to prevent problems with your gas cooktop or electric cooktop.


Burner Won’t Heat So You Can’t Fry Your Meat

Unfortunately when an electric cooktop burner stops working you will most likely need to call for cooktop repair service. Although there maybe a few things to try before calling for cooktop repair service. First thing is to reset the circuit breaker. Even if the breaker is not tripped flip it off then back on. For example if none of the burners on you electric cook top will heat. Then its very likely the breaker may not be supplying adequate power to the cooktop. On the other hand if its just one of the burners not heating then resetting the breaker will unlikely resolve the issue. In either case if resetting the breaker doesn’t just give us call so we can help.

Burner Won’t Light, Not a Spark in Sight

Overall gas cooktops are more dependable that electric. That is to say when a gas cooktop won’t light the maybe a simple solution to this problem. Similarly to electric cooktops if you aren’t getting a spark to your gas burner than you may have lost power from your source. Obviously you will want to try and reset the circuit breaker just as explained previously. Another possibility is the unit may have came unplugged some how. Beings that most cooktops are powered by a receptacle under the unit, you will want to be sure it is plugged up. Surprisingly this is more common than you may realize. Since most cooktops have cabinet storage just beneath them. For this reason the unit may have been unplugged on accident when storing or removing items like pots and pans. Further if the unit is plugged in but your not sure if you have power at the outlet. Simply plug a small appliance or something like a phone charger into the outlet to verify there is power present. Finally if there is power but still no spark to the burners you will need to call us and set up an appointment for cooktop repair service.

Need a Repairman Over Cause the Pot Boiled Over

Regardless if your cooktop is gas or electric it is important to avoid getting moisture near the controls.  Unfortunately not all makes and models of cooktops were engineered with a mindset that they will be exposed to moisture.  With this in mind we want to avoid spills or allowing a pot to boil over on our cooktop.  In reality things like this are going to happen, Newton’s Law tells us “what can go wrong will go wrong”.  In the event the controls on your cooktop controls are exposed to excessive moisture there are a couple thing to be aware of.  First you will want to turn the power supply off.  Of coarse this can be done easily but switching the circuit breaker to the off position.  In the case you have a gas cooktop you can simply unplug the cooktop from the recepticle in the storage area under the cooktop.  Obvioulsy you will need to dry the controls the best you can by wiping with towel or paper towels.  If the spill or overflow was excessive the cooktop will more than likely need to be disassemble and service before continuing use.  Remember folks we are dealing with electricity so better safe than sorry.

Food Burning A Lot Cause the Burner’s Too Hot

Comparatively to gas cooktops, electric cooktops commonly have a problem with the burner getting too hot.  Just one of the reasons gas cooktops being more dependable than electric cooktops.  Uniquely electric cooktops operate using infinite switches to control power to each individual burner.  As a result of the switch continuously cycling the power to the element off and on.  Eventually the contacts in the switch burn out or stick causing the burner to get too hot.  Now this can be an intermittent problem at first.  But in the end that switch will fail and need to be replaced.  In the event there would ever be a shortage or the burner won’t turn off by the control switch.  Immediately turn the circuit breaker to the off position and call us for service.

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ASAP Appliance Repair Service is backed by a 30 Day Warranty on ALL Diagnostics and 100 Day Warranty on Parts and Labor. Sealed System Warranty 1 Year Parts and 100 Days Labor (no warranty on refrigerant leaks). We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln Counties. Call to schedule your Service Appointment today!

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Burner Keeps Arcing it Won’t Stop Sparking

Despite gas cooktops being more reliable than electric cooktops they can still experience their fair share of problems.  In fact one of the more common problems is with the spark ignition systems.  Granted there are various makes and models that are made much different components.  Certainly most modern gas cooktops have a spark module that then sends power to the electrodes.  As a result the electrode arcs to the gas burner base allowing the gas to easily ignite.  Seldomly without the electrode may start to spark when the cooktop is not in use.  This is may be a result of a loss in the grounding circuit.  Moreover it could be a continuously closed circuit at one of the spark switches.  Another possibility is the spark module itself has failed and will need to be replaced.  Nevertheless if you are experiencing your gas cooktop that keeps sparking give us a call to schedule cooktop repair service.

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When it comes to getting your cooktop working properly.  There is a great option for residents in St.Peters MO 63376.  ASAP Appliance Repair Service will help to resolve any problems with your cooktop.  We will repair your cooktop fast and for a reasonable price.  This gives you piece of mind that your cooktop is performing safely and efficiently. Check out our current specials and coupons on our website. While you are at it you can also submit a request for service.  We will have one of professional dispatchers contact you right away to book your appointment.

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